Show Results

Just somewhere for me to keep a tab on our show progress..

28th Aug 2017~ Nervous & Novice Showing (All in hand)
Handsome Horse- 2nd
Partbred- 1st
Coloured- 1st
Championship- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

27th Oct 2017~ HLMDRC Halloween Show
45cm Clear Round Class
Clear Roud

29th Oct 2017~ Hill House Halloween Show
55cm- 1st

3rd Nov 2017~ Winter League

17th Nov 2017~ Winter League
45cm- 1st
55cm- 2nd
5 Points

24th Nov 2017~ HLMDRC
45cm- Clear
45cm- 2nd
55cm- 3rd

3rd Dec 2017~ Hill House Christmas Show
45cm- 3rd
55cm- 3rd
65cm- 4th

8th Dec 2017~ Winter League
55cm- 1st
6 Points

22nd Dec 2017~ Winter League
55cm- 4th
2 Points

7th Jan~ Clear Round Morning
2x Clear rounds @50/55cm

12 Jan~ Winter League
45cm- 2nd
55cm- 2nd
5 Points

26th Jan~ Winter League
45cm- 1st
55cm- 2nd
5 Points

28th Jan~ UKBHA Day
Turn & Burn Barrels- 5th
Over 14hh Barrels- 4th
Poles- 3rd

9th Feb~ Winter League
45cm- 1st

23rd Feb~ Winter League
45cm- 1st
55cm- 3rd

6th Apr~ Winter League
45cm- Eliminated for dismounting and riding a horse eating filler
55cm- 1st

13th Apr~ Dressage
Individually unplaced
3rd in pairs

20th Apr~ Winter League
55cm- 1st
WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER, thats a wrap for the winter league

23rd Apr~ UKBHA
Turn and Burn- 3rd

29th Apr~ Dressage
Unplaced and forgotten my percentage…
3rd in pairs (Disney Does Dressage)

16th May~ Dressage
Unplaced individually
1st in pairs

25th May~ Dressage
1st individually
2nd in pairs

4th July
2nd Individually
1st in Pairs

July 13th~ Dressage
5th Individually
3rd in pairs

July 20th~Summer League
65cm- 4th

8th August~Dressage
Into B- Unplaced individually
Aladdin tripped over at X and was rather engrossed in the car park horses haha = Giraffe!