Lock Down Blogs – Isolation Hairdresser

Excuse the shameless selfies in this post, its just I have been playing at isolation hairdresser... from blonde, to pink, to blonde, to ginger to red all whilst on lockdown... My poor poor straw hair. I'm just going to jump straight into my positive photos as despite the fact I can can talk the back… Continue reading Lock Down Blogs – Isolation Hairdresser

Lock Down Blogs- Easter Monday Obstacles

Not your typical Easter Monday but a bloody fabulous one despite everything going on.. I am so lucky to field share with my friend Katy, she embraces my madness and crazy bareback ideas and it seems she is now also a rogue rider haha. Katy told me to be at the yard for 9am as… Continue reading Lock Down Blogs- Easter Monday Obstacles

Day 3 – Already Becoming Groundhog

Whats thats.... another load of dog walking & horse snuggling photos. I appreciate the fact I am already repeating myself however my days are also repeating themselves. The weather was absolutely stunning yesterday, yellow everywhere; the sky, the verges, the trees, just so picturesque. I made myself nervous laugh in the morning as I thought… Continue reading Day 3 – Already Becoming Groundhog

Keeping Up With The Cowgirls – Guest Blog

The other week the fabulous team at Harry Hall approached me to see if i would be interested in doing them a blog about how I got into barrel racing for them and here it is... (Click the link to be redirected to the Harry Hall website) https://harryhall.com/blog/post/keeping-up-with-the-cowgirls/?fbclid=IwAR3d3q1a0UF-4wCbIJCk_3DA7KmhOEoARav2-TtV8FCAcXsZEeF0p0Lr41w  "His squeal made me want to squeal,… Continue reading Keeping Up With The Cowgirls – Guest Blog