Riding The Alphabet

I honestly believe that every minute spent with a horse we are learning something about ourselves or about them. Whether we are riding, snuggling or just hanging on for our lives.
So after a good rummage through old Facebook photos I have gathered a catalogue of images containing neddies that I have either plodded about on or had a special moment with. Mainly for me to have a page of joy for when I am feeling down in the dumps but I have also decided to start the A-Z of horse breeds challenge. I cannot remember where I saw the post from the other lady who has started this (I think it was a viral one on Facebook) but I thought it was such a fabulous idea and would love to attempt it.

I mean there are a stupendous amount of horse breeds out there but how amazing would it be to say you have sat on a small percentage of them.

For now I shall start an alphabetised list of horses I have ridden and see how we get on. To start with I shall include the crosses as surely they count too as my list looks fairly pathetic haha! ❤ …
Spot the odd ones out 😉

Anglo Arab X Gypsy Cob
Quarter Horse
Welsh Section D