A few words about a lady with a heart of gold,
Somebody who’s story deserves to be told.
Below are just a few of great-grandmas qualities,
I shall try keep it short as I’m not the best at poetry.

The Times We Need To Remember

Olives finely lined face smiling as I cried at squealing crabs,
Running to the greenhouse to see what was up for grabs.
Her hair always so neat and lipstick present,
Pease pudding sandwiches so tasty and pleasant.

The ability to recite poems from many years ago,
And convincing grandad that mushrooms he could grow.
Nessie the loch ness monster up on the side,
Just how she took life all in her stride.

The bungalow so neat organised and tidy,
With a heart so large and love so mighty.
A big glass bowl full of hard boiled sweets,
Sitting on the patterned carpet not taking a seat.

Cards through the post with small neat handwriting,
Stories from the past full of love and war so striking.
Her memory far far better than mine,
Made these stories superior way past their time.

All the bright magnets covering the fridge door,
Grandads garden like paradise that she adored.
Remembering street names from all the years gone by,
Though such an amazing age we didn’t want to say good…..

Love always.

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