Bobs Blogs ~ On The Run

Copied from Feb 26th

Another day, another post of bob looking adorable and wearing my cap better than anybody could ever wear a cap.
Bob ran today…. he ran away from the farmer I was trying to convince that bob was very tame. Now either bob is very much the ladies man or farmers in hi-vis jumpers are going to have to be banned from the pens. If only bob had of ran out the yard and into my garden, perhaps this is something I need to work on….. hire said scary Hi vis farmer and have a line of pig nuts breadcrumbed towards my house….
Happy Friday you lovely ladies. Also if you can look at the photo of bob in a cap with his teeny weeny tongue stuck out without making a awww or cooo type noise you win as i for sure can’t look at him without my heart melting a tad.

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