Bobs Blog ~ Sneaky Pig

Copied from February 25th

Just a Bob check in…I eventually caught the naughty little sausage strolling around the yard and terrorising the other pigs under the gates.
So I walked my other four pens and every time I put my head over the main gate and spoke to him he was in his little nest, how the sodding heck does he manage that?! It’s like he has a tracker on me?! Once he had his tea in bed with his sassy crossed trotters he did actually show me he could stand up by trying to pull the pockets out of my overalls whilst oinking angrily. Now I’m not sure if he was trying to eat my overall pockets or just get me to move, due to the fact as soon as I sat up the little flipper cosied in next to me and exposed his pink tum tum and grunted demanding scratches. Also he’s over his wanting to be a gilt phase and is now a hardcore hillbilly carhartt wearing pig 😎

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