Bobs Blog ~ Pig Tails

Copied from February 25th

Just finished my pig duties ready for a day in the ‘office’, Bob of course got his usual breakfast in bed and then the little flipper tootled behind me as I went to get him fresh water…. Should have just let him out the barn and let him follow me home….
Today bob wanted to identify as a gilt as he’s heard me moaning about the boars being a pain in the ass (quite literally) they’re at the height now where my bum is covered in bite marks, luckily I don’t have an OH to explain myself to. So I gave bob his own ‘pig tails’.
After telling him about every bodies comments on how he should be famous I let him read some of them, of course my glasses were required.. Then as per it was onto the side roll and belly scrubs. …. I’ve not gone crazy I promise..

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