Bobs Blogs ~ How It Started

Firstly I am just going to say ‘Wow’… What on earth. It has been just over a year since I posted. I am fully aware that I am no doubt talking to myself here but I wanted to start writing my ramblings down again. More so I have something to look back on like I offen do with my older equestrian posts.
Since last year, I have changed job a couple of times and found ways to juggle various different jobs around Covid and yet another 73892 lockdowns.
However my most recent job as a pig stocksman on a 1800 pig unit has finally made me feel ‘settled’. The job is stressful and very much 24/7 but I love it and it excites me, theres so much to learn on the go and as a whole its so rewarding and fulfilling.

….Now skip forward to my second batch of pigs, a long slog of a battle with pneumonia in the newbies and a dozen pigs I was carrying to and from feed/water each day whilst I medicated them and got them back on their trotters. All of the pigs came right and got on with being naughty lil bacon seeds. Apart from one…. one pig…. the pig who played me!!

I documented Bobs progress on a fabulous Facebook group online as I simply couldn’t resist sharing his photos and antics. So I am going to cheat here and within reason I am going to copy & paste most of my posts that I made onto said fabulous group purely so I have them in one place before they all get ‘lost’,

Also I shall apologise in advance for the fact every message to the group started with ‘good morning lovely ladies’. Some posts shall also be missed out for various reasons but I shall try keep the timeline as real as possible.

February 21st- Sunday snugs with Bob

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