Bob ~ The Pig That Played Me

Copied from 24th February…

So I’m sure many of you have seen Bob my favourite pig…. don’t tell the others as they’ll only trip me over in crap and bite me even more..
Bob has been separated from the other pigs for a week and a half now due to me medicating him and him getting squashed by the brutes. I’ve spent a lot of time with this little guy but have been worried his limbs haven’t been improving as he has stopped trying to walk around and rarely stands…. Another farmer questioned me as to why bob was still free range so I told him the situation. Said other farmer started laughing and insisted bob has been running around..
So whilst in with the others I snook up on bobs area and there he was just tootling around!! I opened the gate and spoke to him and he just dropped onto his bed and rolled on his side! Turns out bob has been playing me and rather likes the life of breakfast in bed and tummy rubs! But now I really don’t want to put him back in with the other thugs.

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