Lock-down Blogs

Well embarrassingly I have not being active on this page for nearly a year now. There is several half written blogs, one of which being about my life shaping trip to Africa.. However something with these blogs didn’t feel right, my heart wasn’t in them so they stayed half written. I had lost my inner spark for most of the things I loved and didn’t want this to reflect and show through my posts.
My life has changed a great deal since my last post and I will try and touch on some of these subjects over the next few weeks.

With the country currently being in lock down I have decided to try and get my glum bum back into writing. So I do apologise if they start of dull but I am hoping by everybody being online more and sharing their thoughts more we can also come together more.

I am going to attempt to photograph as many positive things daily and keep a log of them all. If you could all comment and respond with your daily positives I really think we can really lift each others spirits…

So… Please see some positive images below;
-Apollo being a general goof ball showing his amazing selfie skills whilst also looking very ‘well’ and fluffy in his new paddock
-The group linked to my Facebook page… Cobs That Can, I am aiming to post positive threads daily
-An oil picture of Princess that I received as a gift from my Grandma last week, this was the first Birthday present I got which really made this virus hit home. My Grandma came to the office window, knocked, waved and left the gift on the floor. How incredibly fabulous is it though! So much thought and talent! Another image below is a watercolour pencil drawing from my 15 year old sister, again a Birthday gift. Talented family alert!!
-My Birthday cards, most received through the post from my incredible family and friends…. Take a look closely at the front card. This card means the world to me, I am so so soooo lucky to still have my Great-Grandma in my life
-Mums dog Elmo is enjoying the self isolation and his once a day dog walks, he really doesn’t mind that we cannot go far or for long as his legs resemble little cocktail sticks anyway.
-And last but by no means least.. I entered a competition on the Pegasus Jewellery page the other week to win Mothers day bracelets. I could not be more grateful for winning and being able to share this prize with my mum.

Please all stay in touch and ring or message your family and friends daily, we are all in this together.


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