Blogtober ~ Tip Tuesday

I could write soooo many silly tips and tricks down but I shall do my best to keep it short, sensible and Autumn related…

So first we have a couple of Aladdin related tips;

-As it gets muddier I tend to start putting pig oil on his feathers to prevent him getting muddy filthy legs, the pig oil makes brushing all the filth off so much easier.
-Also with the mud well on the way I plait his tail into three big plaits (Poor Aladdin I know) and run baby oil through them to keep his tail clean and tangle free.

** I have also seen a couple of videos online of people using plastic pan scourers to remove mud from their horses ~ If anybody has tried this please let me know how you get on**

Tips for making our lives easier;

-With the nights drawing in I try and get as many hay nets as possible filled on a Sunday saving at least five minutes of head torch hay bale scrambling on a week night.
-Keep spare gloves and socks at the yard or in your car, or maybe just do what I do and lug around your entire equestrian wardrobe (car-drobe) in case of a monsoon/heatwave/hurricane.

4 thoughts on “Blogtober ~ Tip Tuesday

    1. Hi Anne,

      I pinched this off the internet for you….

      Pig oil is a mineral based oil which is used on heavy horses with feather. Originally it was used on pigs to stop their skin from cracking hence it was given the name.

      Traditionally it has been used for the following reasons:

      * To prevent and control mud fever in wet and muddy conditions.
      * To tackle feather mite and lice in horses and livestock.
      * Helps to create a barrier against wet conditions around your horse’s legs to prevent a build-up of stable, muck and grass stains.
      * Can also prevent cracked heels
      * Provides a lustrous shine for show animals and livestock.
      * Used to de-tangle manes, tails and feathers


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