Stacey & Marlo

About The Fabulous Pair

We compete in xc and workers and always have people looking at us as due to the fact we aren’t your typical “hunter”… he is a cob! We are also going to be the first cob to compete in a hoys working hunter qualifier! RHS in June!

People keep saying he can’t because he is a cob and that isn’t correct at all!

He is 16.2 Clyde cross Tb and I love the ground he walks on!

Convert or Cob Lover?

Have you always been a Cob lover?

Not at all I was looking for a confidence giver after loosing confidence with a past horse. I was used to Tb crosses but of the slightly lighter variety.

If you want to see more of their journey you can search #teamjumpingdalemarlo

Move out of the way the Cob is coming through!

Another amazing team proving that cobs really can! Hopefully we will be catching up with Stacey in the near future for some more amazing updates.

One thought on “Stacey & Marlo

  1. I love this Cob! What a fabulous looking horse. Just so well put together and his ears are forward and looking ahead, happy in his work and looking for the next challenge.


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